Canteen Newsletter

Canteen Special

The canteen offers a range of healthy options to support the growth of students using the Right Bite guidelines. Right Bite follows a traffic light system to classify foods and drinks based on their nutritional value.

GREEN (best options)

Water, Fruits, Vegetables, Reduced Fat Cheese, Reduced Fat Milk, Reduced Fat Yoghurt, Protein, Pasta to name a few.

AMBER (choose carefully)

Smaller portions of Muffins, Juice, Sweet and Savoury Pastries, Potato Chips, Ice creams, Ice Blocks, Burgers, Full Fat Milks to name a few.

RED 1 (limit to twice per term)

Other items that are not included above.

RED 2 (should not be supplied)

Confectionary, Chocolate, Soft Drink, Sports Drinks, Caffeinated Drinks, Deep Fried Foods.

During each school term, the canteen holds two special days which usually fall on Tuesdays. It is important to note that on these special days, the canteen will not be open for over-the-counter sales during recess or lunch.

Thank you for using the QKR! App for ordering school lunches. For more information on how to install and use the QKR! App, please click here.

Recess orders must be collected from the canteen by the student. Purchasing items over the counter is an excellent way for students to understand the importance of money, what they can buy, and how to handle change.