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Dear Year 5/6/7 families,

As we have previously communicated, in 2021 we are moving to a 1:1 laptop program. The following information is the latest update.

Our Governing Council – IT Committee have considered all factors and agree to support the 1:1 laptop requirements and believe purchasing from the laptop options offered to be the best choice for our school.

The selections offered are:
Option 1: ASUS P2451FA ExpertBook - 14" - Core i3 4GB 128GB
Option 2: ASUS P2451FA ExpertBook - 14" - Core i3 8GB 256GB

We have been liaising with “Learning with Technologies” as they are able to negotiate a very competitive price for the 2 preferred laptops.

Both of these options are available by clicking on the link provided. This link will also be available on our website. Purchases through this portal will have laptops delivered to school during Term 1, where our technician will prepare and configure the computer ensuring school WiFi accessibility. These devices will be built and shipped from overseas on order and will take 6 to 8 weeks to arrive. Orders MUST be placed by the 5th of February to ensure handout in Term 2.

Portal Link:

The options identified have been chosen as our technician is employed 1 day a week to actively trouble shoot and resolve issues. Therefore it is vital that the computers used in our school will be able to integrate within the schools current IT infrastructure. This includes the ability for multiple classes to use their laptops at the same time and ensure speed functions are not compromised, resulting in quicker downloads and efficiency of learning time.

As mentioned in previous correspondence, the purpose of introducing a 1:1 laptop program is to provide better learning experiences and the same opportunities offered to other students in primary schools in our partnership. These opportunities therefore will make our students better prepared for secondary school. The laptops recommended will meet the needs of your child for the remainder of primary school, and if cared for responsibly, into secondary school.

We are now working on an Acceptable User Agreement which will be discussed by and passed at Governing Council. It is hoped this will be ratified early in the new school year.

Thanks you for your continuing support in such an important decision for learning at our school.